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A good supplier is more important than a bank, pleases 被 kind for your suppliers!

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  A good supplier is more important than a bank. If you go to a bank loan to find someone, you will not be able to make a loan. The interest is not low. If you don’t pay back, you have to sue you! And the supplier, as long as you are honest, You will be supportless to support you! Procures, please be kind to your suppliers, especially those who are willing to give you arrears, willing to support your suppliers from small to large.

  Very few companies that regard suppliers as partners

  The big company is in an absolute position and decides whether to take the order for you and decide how much to do for you. It is this relationship that has very few companies that can be suppliers as partners. Most of the manufacturers regard themselves as God. They can oppress the suppliers and oppress them. They can squeeze and squeeze. Many large manufacturers are in the industrial chain. Notorious.

  It is good to have basic respect for suppliers.

  In fact, in reality, you don't have to mention anything to eat, you can have basic respect for suppliers. Just look at the various upstream and downstream relationships in reality. The following situations abound.

  1. Some purchases bring together many suppliers, make them turn around, let them proof again and again, and communicate with each other. The supplier spent a lot of manpower and material resources, but in the end it was only a foil in the game of purchasing;

  2、After many contracts signed by communication, when the supplier starts production preparation and investment, it suddenly becomes unexecuted;

  3、In the project acceptance stage, the inspection and acceptance will be delayed for various reasons, either the leader is not present, or the meeting decision is made, or it needs to be observed again;

  4, the choice of cheap goods, but after all the various problems, this function is not, that performance is not good, will not make a complaint, trouble return;

  5、refused to pay for various reasons, even if it is very expensive to pay, the display of various high-level repayments and delays in arrears.......

  When cooperation has become a wits, both lose

  In reality, there are still a lot of these companies, and suppliers have to waste a lot of time and energy on these matters. Good cooperation has become a wits.

  For the powerful big brand suppliers, after dealing with such unscrupulous companies, they know that the water is shallow and shallow, and soon people will not play with such companies.

  And if it is a small supplier, they are more likely to tend to compromise, the price drops and then fall, the goods are waiting for the first time, the tragedy is that these small suppliers are so killed! The suppliers have closed down, and the procurement is still demanding follow-up services. And protection?

  It’s so cheap at the moment, it’s so cheap, and after a slap in the face, the reputation of this company has also plunged into a whirlpool, and the company’s situation has also fallen into isolation.

  Wind and rain can last long

  Why not return to normal business relationships, emphasizing cooperation and win-win? As a partner, you can actually get more focused support from suppliers.

  It can be said that suppliers are real experts in their own fields, and the development of enterprises is inseparable from the support of suppliers' technologies and programs. Suppliers also have a large amount of resources in the industry. It is also beneficial to share resources and establish a good reputation in the industry. When you think about it from another angle, you will find that suppliers are not just making money, they are also partners who help you make money.

  After all, the routines will not last long, and become friends with suppliers, and they will last forever.

  Be kind to suppliers, win-win to win the world

  Suppliers can provide high-quality products and services, which are derived from suppliers' investment in R&D, production, sales, after-sales, management, and employee quality. After all, the supplier's capital stock is the first guarantee for the final result.

  In reality, buyers are not bargaining for suppliers, that is, defaulting on payments, not to mention respect. Win-win is only verbally. Low prices and defaults affect suppliers' profits. How can he guarantee continuous investment? How can a buyer make a good product without the good products and services of the supplier?

  Being kind to the supplier also reflects that you are a company with a conscience, and the employees will believe in the promise of the company leader. Leaders are confused every day about the low professionalism of their employees. Part of the reason is that employees do not trust leaders. In the present China, employees are not good at stomach and can't digest the cakes painted by the boss. Enterprises should raise their suppliers to the corporate philosophy and gradually cultivate the excellent quality of respect, mutual assistance and kindness.

  Paying attention to suppliers, collecting and providing difficulties for both parties to solve problems together, is more important than anything else. Treating suppliers is the same as treating customers. It is definitely beneficial to the healthy development of people, self and industry.

  Xiaobian said

  The future competition is the competition between the industrial chain and the industrial chain. Unlike the competition between companies, the competition between the industrial chains is more cruel. Enterprises should adjust the procurement supplier system, absorb the introduction of advanced supplier management concepts, and promote a win-win mechanism.

  Therefore, if you want to do a big job and do it for a long time, please be kind to your supplier.