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German industry how to crash the customer update chance and transformation successful?

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German industry is the pillar industry in china, but with the county development that Stagnant. Many germen industry all to complain the business hard to do. Domestic clothing face some questions, how to become the successful transformation.

German industry as the domestic traditional industry. As the sample of 2016, domestic germen industry yied arrived 3145 thousand. And the retail sales break 10thousand. However, due to the larger sale that the industry transformation was slowly. So that,

First, the cost of the apparel industry has risen particularly fast, including the impact of labor costs, rent costs, and rising material costs. For garment manufacturers, after the cost rises, profits begin to decline. In order to maintain high profits and reduce production costs, garment manufacturers have to move to Southeast Asia and other regions. For clothing retailers downstream, the impact of rising rent costs is the most far-reaching, and the money earned from selling clothing may only be enough to pay for rent. The rising cost makes the clothing industry barely able to survive, but wants to transform but has more than enough strength.
Second, the domestic apparel industry has always had problems with high inventory. The inventory of the apparel industry can't be avoided. This is because most clothing brands are implementing futures orders. For example, this winter's clothing was booked this spring, and then it was produced. Because it is scheduled in advance, there may be many unpredictable conditions before the sale, which leads to the incomplete digestion of the scheduled clothing, for example, it may be due to changes in fashion trends, poor company operations, and so on. This year's clothing has not been digested by the market, and the second year of the new model has to start ordering, and this cycle has caused a high inventory crisis in the entire industry.

Nowadays, domestic apparel companies are trying their best to avoid high inventory and take advantage of the opportunity of consumption upgrade to prepare for the transformation of the apparel industry. So what is consumption upgrade? Consumption upgrade is not to say that consumers have more money, are willing to buy more expensive goods, but consumers are willing to spend money on buying high-quality goods. For the apparel industry, in order to seize the opportunity of consumption upgrade, we must make products that can satisfy consumers' higher pursuits.
In China, with the gradual becoming the main consumer of the 90s, they have a higher pursuit of personalized high-quality goods, so personalized, high-quality clothing is the future trend. According to some data, the savings rate after 90 is significantly lower than that after 70s and 80s. They are more secure and have a desire to consume. Therefore, in order to achieve a successful transformation of the apparel industry, it is necessary to follow the trend of consumption upgrading, cater to the needs of the new generation of consumerism, and make products with more quality and differentiation, instead of expecting a certain style to become an explosion as in the past. .
With the emergence of a new generation of consumer power and new technologies, the apparel industry can no longer rest on its laurels. What should be considered is how to complete the transformation as soon as possible. With the completion of the transformation, I believe that clothing can continue to be a pillar industry.

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