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From the “quantity development ” to “quality development”, the textile industry in order to make quality transfor

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  Since that, profession whole sale of clothing become the important part in textile chain. Which play a promote role in the industry. After the reformed opening that the textile industry mark go though preliminary formation, development greatly ,building entire ,express spread four steps.

  Nowadays, with China's national economic and social development entering a new era, China's economic development has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage. It is in the critical period of transforming the development mode, optimizing the economic structure and transforming the driving force of growth. Specialized markets are also beginning to enter the fifth stage of its development-the stage of transformation and upgrading. The important content of this stage is to realize the high-quality development of the professional market and the transformation of the professional market from big to strong.

  Profession mark is the change of transformation

  In traditional sale style, its crucial role for the whole sale of clothing. Red door of Beijing, fuming of Guangzhou, lusong of zhuzhou, wuai of Shenyang they all be the king of textile industry and saw its growing.

  Promotion the textile progress have two elements. On the one hand, following the transfer style needs. On the other hand, profession mark face the Contradiction transformation, breakout ourselves of development.

  Recently, Macroeconomic environment provide the background and point than had quality development. Bring the profession mark development to the historical “window period”.

  In addition, influenced by factors such as rising production costs, accelerating population aging and increasing environmental protection pressure, traditional economic momentum is continually weakening and the process of transformation of old and new momentum is accelerating; the continuous expansion of the size of middle-income groups provides a strong market driving force; supply-side structural reform effectively strengthens the market function; scientific and technological innovation and technology diffusion provide technology for high-quality development. Support; The change of global value chain provides strategic opportunities for high-quality development.

  At the same time, the realistic conditions for achieving high quality development in the textile and garment industry are already in place. The huge industrial scale and the continuously optimized supply structure have laid a solid foundation for high-quality development; the complete infrastructure and industry support form a good ecology of collaborative innovation in the industry, and innovation in every link of the value chain can be applied in other links. Transformation, innovative superposition effect, polymerization effect and multiplication effect can be fully exerted; the advancement of science and technology provides technical support for high-quality development of the industry from various aspects such as rapid response, flexible manufacturing and industrial synergy.

  On the country, unbalance and insufficient play important role in the clothing mark including major of imbalance, regional structure imbalance, supply and need imbalance, features structure imbalance and development style insufficient, management sever insufficient, goods insufficient, innovation insufficient, eco-development and insurance build insufficient, outside development insufficient.

  The profession suggestion that industry must deal with the trouble during the update and innovation. The first responsibility is intensification, profession, intelligen, brand, eco, intanational and so on 6 factors. Gradually break out the profession mark

  Found the breakout to Become stronger

  From the perspective of the textile and apparel professional market, high-quality development means to use comprehensive innovation as the driving force to promote high-quality supply, meet high-quality demand, achieve high-quality configuration and high-quality input and output, and create a high-quality professional market. The institutional mechanism of quality, multi-variety, brand creation, and quick response, not just the previous development model that only wins by “quantity”. The transformation and upgrading of the textile and apparel professional market must be based on high-quality development, which is an inevitable choice to adapt to the current economic development situation and industrial reality.

  Xia Lingmin, vice president of China National Textile and Apparel Council, said in an interview with China Textile News that the textile and garment circulation industry must achieve high-quality development. The starting point is to realize the transformation from large to strong. The key point is to realize the new and old kinetic energy. The transformation is to meet the people's growing needs for a better life; to establish an institutional mechanism of “high quality, multi-variety, brand creation, and quick response”; to pass technological innovation, brand innovation, channel innovation, model innovation, management innovation And comprehensive innovation such as service innovation to foster new development momentum.

  China's textile and apparel professional market has a complete range of products. Among them, the production-oriented professional market has a complete production supporting system, but there are still some products in the low-end of the value chain, large scale but not strong, and the brand echelon is not yet mature. Therefore, in order to achieve high-quality supply, the focus is on creating original mass brands with multiple varieties, high quality, low cost and marketability. It is necessary to actively promote the improvement of product quality and industry quality, so that high-quality goods can be covered to a larger scale. Consumer groups; we must strictly control quality and quality in every aspect of the circulation field; the supervision and inspection departments at all levels must face the consumers, face the public, face the society, face the media, and actively fulfill their supervisory responsibilities.

  Nowadays, China's domestic consumption upgrade has been further deepened. Therefore, the professional market must not only continue to provide high-quality goods for the middle and low-end consumer groups, but also enhance the original design level of the brand through professional and precise services to create new consumption needs. The new environment, new models, new scenarios, constantly adapt to and lead the individualized needs of emerging consumer groups, continue to meet the high-end consumer demand brought about by consumption upgrades, create a supply and demand chain that can meet different levels of consumers, and then drive the supply side upgrade. In this respect, the professional market represented by Beijing New Century and Guangzhou Cotton Tree has been successfully explored in the process of transformation and achieved good market results.

  Therefore, industry experts also believe that the professional market must achieve high-quality development, the core is to achieve the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, and gradually abandon the traditional, extensive input-output model. On the one hand, through intensive development, promote the benign interaction model between professional markets and industrial clusters, from the expansion of expansion to the direction of roughing, the survival of the fittest, and intensive cultivation; on the other hand, through the international development, promote the professional market to actively participate in global resource elements. In the redistribution, enhance the international competitiveness and voice of the professional market. In this respect, the professional market group represented by Changshu, Jiangsu Province, has already achieved breakthroughs in “transnational procurement” with the opening of the China-Europe team, and the market has achieved leap-forward growth in foreign trade, which has driven a large number of local brands into the international market. .

  Beside, profession mark also join the technology and the idea as the import that traditional mark and channel chain platform transfer. Becoming the small-middle enterprise decided and industry chain innovation centre.

  How to develop the high quality products

  Achieving high-quality development in the professional market is by no means a one-time thing. As an important part of the circulation channel, the professional market must break through the bottlenecks of insufficient and unbalanced development at the current stage. To achieve high-quality development, it is necessary to integrate various types of information technology and business models with "quality" and "efficiency" as the core. Take the road of sustainable development.

  In this regard, industry experts said that in order to solve the current imbalance in the main structure of China's textile and apparel professional market, regional structural imbalances and other contradictions, to achieve high-quality development, the professional market must take the intensive development route. In addition, China's textile and apparel professional market has a large scale. In the transition, we must actively activate the stock, rationally plan the increment, clarify the market positioning, and realize the differentiated operation of the business circle.

  In this regard, the head of Guangdong Humen Fumin Fashion City said in an interview with the reporter of China Textile News that the professional market should strengthen the professional level of the management team and comprehensively improve the operational efficiency of the market through professional management. In addition, the person in charge also stated that the professional market must build a corresponding public service platform to maximize the value of the public service platform and encourage merchants to extend to R&D design and supply chain management.

  According to industry experts, through professional development, the professional market can provide more accurate and efficient services for merchants and upstream manufacturers by means of professional management teams and professional public service platforms, enhance the corporatization level of merchants and extend the industrial chain of merchants. Then transform the original traditional way of development.

  In addition, to solve the contradiction of insufficient innovation and application of China's textile and apparel professional market at this stage, the professional market must also follow the path of intelligent development. The wisdom of the circulation link is to use the construction of the smart mall as a breakthrough point, continuously improve the informationization level and management level in the circulation field, and achieve a substantial increase in market operation efficiency. This mainly includes: establishing a unified data statistics monitoring system and data operation center, promoting the digital transformation of market merchants' physical stores, accelerating the construction of smart logistics, and improving the efficiency of logistics integration.

  "The traditional textile and apparel professional market should also create a series of high-quality, high-profile mass brands in various sub-sectors through the creation of regional brands, market brands and corporate brands, forming a complete and mature national brand echelon. Quality development provides brand support.” The person in charge of Liaoning Xiliu China Trade City said that the professional market should also go out of the country to open up the international market in due course. At present, Xiliu has established a number of overseas markets in the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar and other places, laying a good foundation for local clothing brands to go abroad. International development is also an inevitable choice for the professional market to achieve high quality development under the pattern of textile and garment industry transfer.